What is Trillion Dollar Movement?

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Black Americans spend more than $1 trillion dollars per year.  The problem is that only a tiny percentage of that money circulates in our community.  We freely spend our money with other communities making them richer and stronger while our communities suffer poverty, unemployment, police brutality, high crime and poor health.

The mission of Trillion Dollar Movement is to provide opportunities for black people to connect with black businesses, black organizations and black media for the purpose of circulating our $1 Trillion dollars in our community.  If we use this method to build an economic base, we will soon have the power to control our communities.  We will be able to begin fixing our social and political problems.  We will be able to create jobs for our people.  We will be able to control our local governments, politicians and police departments.  We will be able to fight poverty and gentrification.  In short, we will be able to force our agenda and our best interests to the forefront.

In order to make this happen we need to do our best to spend money with other black people.  We want to make that easy for you, so here’s what you’ll find at TrillionDollarMovement.com:

Black owned businesses.  If you find something useful, consider purchasing from them.

Black media outlets.  They are mostly independent internet radio and internet news sites.    They are able to bring you the truth because they don’t take money from big corporate advertisers.  So if you find them to be of value, consider making a small donation to keep them operating.

Black organizations and fundraisers.  They are all doing great work to help improve the lives of black men, women and children.  Please consider joining an organization or making a donation or both.

Educational resources and book list.  This section is meant to educate black people on economics, black history, racism and other issues that affect black people.  The sole purpose of this section is to motivate black people to want to do something to help black people.  You can help financially, or by starting or joining a black organization.

Finally, here are two things you can do today to help our community:

Start looking for local black businesses and organizations in your area to support.

Stop spending your money with people and businesses who don’t care about black people and only want to exploit and suck money out of the black community.  A few examples are liquor stores, carry outs, beauty supply stores, pawn shops, etc.  This also applies to big corporate retailers and we will have a section on this site that focuses specifically on economic sanctions (also known as boycotts) because withholding our money from others is just as powerful as spending it with our own.

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