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Black Crowdfunding Platforms



Cultural Grassroots

Black Crowd Funders

Chill Hound



These organizations have structured plans that allow Black people to pool their money together to create economic power.  These plans include the group ownership of businesses, land and other projects that benefit the Black community.

Buy The Block – Stop Gentrification In It’s Tracks!
Get Info Here

Us Lifting Us
A cooperative economics organization dedicated to circulating Black dollars. The first project is ULU Market & Exchange (ULU Mart), a “big box” style outlet for products and services offered by Black people worldwide.

Collective Empowerment Group
An organization of member churches that has been creating economic empowerment
for Black communities and Black owned businesses for 20 years

One Million Conscious Black Voters & Contributors
Pooling money and votes to force social and economic change in the Black community



These are fundraisers for projects that benefit Black people and Black communities.

Nile Valley Aquaponics
Males To Men – Dre Taylor
Make a donation at

I.T. Gateway Program for High School Students
Digital Countermeasures, Inc. – Dr. Terrance E. Dillard
Help provide tech-savvy career options for Black high school students
Make a donation at

Urgent Causes Needing Immediate Funding

Help Flint NOW!
Flint, Michigan, a majority Black populated city is experiencing a major crisis of unclean, lead contaminated water.  You can help get clean water to Flint.

Oil Spill SOS aanuf
Support Black victims still suffering massive health and environmental problems from the BP oil spill.


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